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Arfa Link

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Hello "Couriers"!

I just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I am currently based in Leicester and looking for work with my LWB Renault Master.

I am fully insured and ready to go! (All UK) Any help/suggestions JOBS! would be appreciated.

Are there any other new members? Why not say hello, after all "it's a small world", so I say!

Good day! Arif



Hiya, it's Les Suffield, back again full CMR insurance looking for work Brighouse, was a toss up with CX, MT VAN won see how it goes all the best everybody.

Rapid Movements Europe Ltd


Would have chosen Courier Exchange

LwsExpress transport solutions


Rapid Movements Europe Ltd said:

Would have chosen Courier Exchange

When I first started I joined all of them and my advice to any newbie or established courier or transport provider looking for work is join everyone, I think there is about 7 or 8 in total.



Hi all I just joined. Hoping to make a little extra money will be doing work with a car at the moment anyway I am new to all this so all help in every aspect of this job is most welcome thankyou all Arif.

Mr G Courier Service


Arif, the 1st thing you need to do is get courier and goods in transit insurance then upload to this site

Mr G Courier Service


There are plenty of car based jobs being advertised at the moment

GB Distributors (Bridgend)


5 miles or less from a well known expert at reasonable rates, ha ha

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