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My satnav will always try's take me down motorways but I tend to ignore it a lot due to the millage difference So the question is is it cheaper to do 70ph down motorways or stop start through the lanes Now I know it depended on distance so lets say 90miles motorway or 60miles lanes maybe im crazy but 30 miles more means a lot more fuel!



I tend to do motorways myself because when customers want a delivery asap, then it can be the quicker option and thats what they pay for. I quote my customers for quickest route not shortest



As we only do urgent deliveries, ( it's what and why our clients use us) it's always motorways / toll roads to get the job done asap.

I keep saying it, and this business is not rocket science! Price your quotes correctly, to cover non supermarket fuel,tolls, motorways etc.

I suppose if dealing with eBay tat, one has a massive window of opportunity, then looking at saving £5 on a journey might come into play, but it is not the business model we are operating

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The quickest route is the one I want my jobs to go... If you need to save money then do it on the way back.

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It should always be quickest route, and that means using your knowledge not the sat nav.

M50/A40 or M4 for example

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I like using the m6 through Birmingham I lose about 2 hours but I save £5.50



AJM sameday Couriers said:

I like using the m6 through Birmingham I lose about 2 hours but I save £5.50

It's not been too bad along there this past week, but kids back at school soon so i'm sure the normal hectic traffic will resume soon lol

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I find the motorways can be a little unforgiving like the time give by satnav is set, unless your going to break the law you can only lose time, so although 90% it is the quicker way I always look at the alterative and judge it from time + distance I was just interested to know if going the short route was actually saving money or was I just wasting my time



Whatever suits you Tony, but majority would say quickest.

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