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I set up a Linkedin account a couple of years ago.

In all honesty I thought it was the least 'useable' of the social network platforms, I did not like the way it 'felt' to use, and apart from initially setting it up I rarely looked at it.

I tried the other day but could NOT access it, for some reason I forgot the primary email address I originally used, and as their admin were unable to assist without it, I asked them to delete my account

I am now pondering whether to set up another or not.

I just wondered if many actually use the platform, and find it worthwhile?

Andy McTighe


To my mind the biggest problem with the format is that anybody can see all your contacts, in effect you are introducing people to your customers.

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


We tried to use it as an introduction tool.

We initiated contacts with people that we would like to speak to but then started to recieve messages from linked in saying you must know this person to make contact.

My problem it is a contact platform, If you knew the person you wouldn't be trying to link in with them.

Also we get loads of other people trying to link with us.



Not found it useful and seems a bit pointless. But I am a fick yorkie.

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