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When a 20 mile journey is taking like nearly an hour! SORT IT OUT, ANNOYED!



I guess you're talking about M67 / A57 / A628 at Hollingworth? It badly needs a bypass, everyone knows it but whatever is proposed will be massively expensive and have the greens up in arms.



If you use the A635 which runs parallel but a few miles north of Woodhead you will save yourself much frustration and maybe a little time but sshhh.... Don't tell everyone.

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Too late. We are all using it Monday!

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MyVanCan said:

I guess you're talking about M67 / A57 / A628 at Hollingworth?

I got stuck at the roadworks by the reservoir on the A628 last week. Google suggested the B6105 as a slightly quicker alternative but didn't fancy that on a wet and rainy night with locals racing along to beat the traffic. I regretted that decision when I joined the queue. 20 minutes later (it was 7pm ish) I was past the traffic lights. I'll try the 365 next time! :)

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As a local to the area, I now use the snake pass as an alternative.. Even on a bike, I've noticed the woodhead is busier than ever and becoming more dangerous.

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