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Point 2 Point Couriers

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I am a new courier based in Leyland lancashire on the look out for any type of work direct or back loading, from time to time i do have work overload so this could be a good place to pass this on to.

I could also do with a few tips on which of these sites to stay away from.

Regards John Point2pointcouriers.com

M.Fisher Transport Services ltd


Hi there John & welcome,

I am based in Bentham nr Lancaster with good access to North yorkshire, lancashire and south lakes.

I run a small van with a max payload of 750kgs, if i can be of any help in your busy times please give me a call 07518 628200



Point 2 Point Couriers

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Hi Mark


Thanks for that i will put you in my contact list.

Just so you know i have a couple of vehicles from small vans with 450kgs payload up to LWB Sprinter with HI-Roof at 1,500kgs payload.



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