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hi to everyone iam tony been doin multidrop for city link for the last 8 yrs but now kicked it in the head after the robbing bar stewards tried slashing the rates again!! Hoping to make it on my own any help and advice muuuuuuuch appreciated 

S & C Haulage (retford)Limited


welcome to the land of nightmares lol

 good luck.


ANDAV Couriers


Hi Guys, David here. I'm looking to start soon but don't know if all the work is down south, I'm in Scotland. Any advice would be nice.


Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Have a chat with Dodi of Pronto...seems to have lots of Scottish work

3T Deliveries


you will find this is a good site, the guys here all seem like a good bunch, of course i could be wrong,lol

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