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Hello just want to introduce myself I've been in the haulage industry for 18 years now driving anything from vans to car transporters and everything in between and have been working as a self employed driver providing short notice cover to local transport companies for the last 18 months I own a swb transit t330 med roof and through contacts i have with local companies i keep being asked to cover urgent/one off jobs but have turned them down due to not having the correct insurance in place,after turning down more work offered a few weeks ago i have now bit the bullet and got the relevant H&R insurance and GIT up-to £25,000 (just waiting for the policy docs to arrive in the post) started the process to go VAT registered and got a meeting with the Bank to set up my business account so once i get all these pieces of the jigsaw in place i will be upgrading my account and hopefully start working with some of you on here in the future

Cheers Paul

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