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Howards Way Sameday Couriers

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Hi to everyone My name is Howard and I am trading as Howard's Way. I have been working in eastern side of Europe moving furniture and mail boxes into Greece and Turkey. Enough is enough and I have now decided to concentrate on work a lot closer to home. Hence Howard's Way was born. I am offering services as a freelance courier. I have found this site really helpful and hope that this new business is a success.

I know the hours can be long and sometimes we seem to work for nothing but the independence is really good. Just bought a Peugeot Partner. I will probably improve on this as time goes on. I must admit I have been shocked at the price of insurance but I understand that it is a neccessary cost. Many thanks.

DDR Sameday Courier


Hi Howard. Good luck with your new venture.



good luck howard

Swift Couriers Haverhill


good luck.

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