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Ok this is unusual step but in the tough world we are currently in I thought I’d give it a go.

I work for the NHS as a Housekeeper/Porter, a position I have held for almost five years but last year I began to think about my future. I decided I was going to go self employed as a Courier, however at the moment the rates are very low and the cost of going self-employed is very high. I resigned from my job, and was in the process of going it alone but I pulled out and retracted my resignation. Since the year started I have learned that two of the three sites I work at will be closing. Today we had an staff meeting in which they have told us one site is to close by the end of next week. I haven’t been made redundant and I will be getting re-deployed somewhere but this news isn’t good and our trust has just asked for staff to offer themselves for redundancy. They are ‘re-designing’ the trust and the idea is to treat more patients at home.

So – to my point!

I am still very much looking at becoming a self employed courier, however I am wiling to wait and see what happens in the future (rates rising ect) but I am keen to start working for another company as a paid driver. The problem is many companies want ‘experienced’ drivers, but you can’t get experience unless somebody gives you the opportunity so I am asking…are there any companies who require Couriers or Delivery Drivers within 15 miles of Bath who would be wiling to give me a chance?

As I mention above, I will be re-deployed somewhere but I think my job and others are at risk so I am looking for my future.

Kind Regards Scott

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Sorry to hear your news, but maybe it should be seen as an opportunity?

I don't think you'll get much joy from this thread, so if it were me i'd carry on ringing round, or emailing.

As for the rates being low? Not much we can do about that whilst companies like citysprint continue to charge ridiculous rates, which some, thankfully not all, will always go for.

This industry is hard, and one that may not bring you the rewards of your labour

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When things seem to be falling apart, They may actually be falling into place!

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