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A warm hello to you all,

I have now spent over a week researching, pondering, reading and listening to many topics on here deciding how, why and should I become a courier!

Firstly I have my own business in another service industry and believe my self to be very professional, if I am going to do something I do it right giving a 100% or what is the point.

But here is the rub. There are 3 working householders here all with present Jobs. One a driving instructor (Mother in Law) myself and my partner both self employed all of us with spare time and no one else to ask for time off whilst Willing and wanting to make more money.  We enjoy doing things and life costs!

So what do we have to offer. 3 vehicles 2 cars 1 pick up truck which is already insured for work.I have a motorbike license B1 C1E  D1E so I can drive other companies vehicles. I have driven all sizes of vehicle up to heavy tracked . Our working hours are open and can effectively work 24/7 to suit.

I must also add here that being a businessman I am not interested in undercutting just to add some beer money. I would rather do less jobs at the right price than more jobs for a small slice!

So Some questions of help from those of you that have experience.

1. Do I really need a van (I can buy one as it can be used in my other business) or can we start with vehicles we have.
2. Is the right average price depending on what and where you are carrying  between 80 -120 pence per mile.
3. Is there a market for relief drivers. ie covering smaller business whilst they are having a break going to a family commitment.
4. I have a pick up truck is there a market for off road or out of the way places.

I thank all of you in anticipation of any response and know i need to update my profile on here in order to get best business but I am a true believer that more information is a good starter to help gain success.

Mark, Nickie & Bren  

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


The first answer i would suggest is yes a van is advisable, We get many calls from people saying i have a car and can do small packages.
We find it a little difficult loading a 400kg pallet into the back of a nissan micra.
I don't believe a pickup it a viable vehicle for courier work as they tend to big engines and not too much room for loadspace.
To be honest i cannot recall ever being asked or a pickup of to carry out a delivery to a remote rugged place in all the years of operation.

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


Another point with a van, Don't get something like an astra van with a tailgate,Something with barn doors which allow fork lift access.

There isn't an average price, We operate on mileage charges depending on either Small Van or Large Van. Some courier companies have a SWB transit rate MWB RATE AND A LWB rate.
We don't we only run LWB transits and small vans.
As refief driving work, Ring around local courier companies and network with them. If they don't know you exist they can't use you.


Coopers Carriers

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Thanks Nottingham and Derby Couriers 

Great advice and really just backing up my gut instinct will continue to monitor and come up with the best plan many thanks.


Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Plenty have cars BUT as a controller when someone asks for a small van this could mean anything from an envelope to a pallet, and I don't then want to ask whether it will fit in a car.

Most of us don't advertise having cars so customers generally don't order them.....much better to have a van...berlingo size is preferable..
Rates vary but generally anywhere from 65-80 for a small van 80p to £1.20 for a big un

Coopers Carriers

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Thanks Speed couriers

again adding weight to my own gut feeling


3T Deliveries


when i started back in the good old days of early august this year,lol i thought about type of vehicle and went for a small van, it has been a good call as ive had work every day since, thanks to a courier company that uses me daily, any bigger and i may have struggled as other have said the PPm goes up and they may not be making much on the job in the first place, ive also noticed that with a small van its easier to park.

Coopers Carriers

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Thanks 3T

Well have now sold the pick up so it's the choice of Van!

Whatever it will be will definitely be a LWB I do a fair bit of DIY and they fit in sheets of ply etc.

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