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Hello all. Nice forum and a big comunity you have here. Im Daniel from Northampton,i have 33 years and i want to lern everything about courier and haulage. My english is not perfect becouse im normaly from Romania, but im established here from 2010, and i make removals from 2011. I start removals in London, but i move in Northampton becouse of my wife job relocation. I drive a luton van with tail lift, fully insured, and i want to meet drivers near Northampton, maybe we do bussines togheter. Now all my removals bussines come from anyvan,but is not much and the price are very low. I dont like to work for nothing thats why i want to try to become a courier,maybe i find more work and maybe this work will be more rewarded. So,if someone need me,dont hesitate to contact me.I work 24/7 uk only. Thank you.

Mr G Courier Service



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