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Ken Burt Independent Courier

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Hello All

I'm Ken and I'm a new courier based in Huddersfield.

I started my own business after spending over 6 months trying to get a job but not getting any joy. While was looking I started doing a little bit of work for Courier Expert and I thought " I like this ". So here I am today, a fully fledged courier!

I drive a Citroen C5 VTR with the correct H & R insurance along with £10K GIT and £2000000 Public Liability insurance. I'm trying to specialize in the smaller items for same day & next day delivery and am happy to travel the whole of the UK (with a special preference to South Wales as that's where I'm from). I can offer GPS tracking and a very safe pair of hands and the promise of job well done.

Feel free to check out my website link text

Best Wishes


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