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Saf Transport Ltd.

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Hi all I myself don't usually comment on the forum. but I like to bring to your attention the following company. Huntsman Transport based in Newton Aycliffe DL5 4UE.

I would like to alert any courier doing work for Mr Morell make sure you get payment up front. As his previous courier companies he as run always failed to pay invoices on time or not at all !!! His Previous company as never paid 3 outstanding invoices at more than £800:00 and some only part payments. We chased payment for months then he disapeared. We know of a lot more companies he owes money to as well. But now thanks to MT van we have his new phone numbers and address. We will now be passing on his details to our debt collectors.

Hope this stops anybody else loosing money.

Preston Courier Co Ltd


Similar tale slightly related where they dropped themselves in it thanks to mtvan.

Many years ago, we did a job for another courier company from Germany back to the UK.

They did the same up and vanished, only to make the mistake of signing up here a few years later, when I recognised the name the debt I had previously written off was sent off to the small claims court.

His defence was that he had never heard of us, had never taken that job, never given it to us and had never had any contact. The hearing was over fairly quickly when itemised phone bills were produced showing numerous calls and texts from me to him whilst in Germany (fortunately there were issues loading), and various print outs courtesy of the waybackmachine linking the phone numbers and addresses he was using.

Good luck and hope you get a similar result.



Thanks for information, never worked for them but do work out of that area at time so good to know.

A E Delivery


These are the details listed at another site , i assume The Huntsman is a pub ?

In his defence his feedback is perfect from the other site .

Huntsman Transport David Morrell +44 7775409532 The Huntsman St. Elizabeth Close Newton Aycliffe DL5 4UE Finance Email
About: We're based in Newton Aycliffe and operate 2 vehicles



Cant see our paths crossing

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