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are there still any subbys out there? i have been more or less working on a big shop fitting contract of my own for nearly 2 years wich is coming to an end soon,im not touting for subby work,but looking for subbys,mainly big van,for the new work i have coming through mainly on exhibition and joinery stuff,i have knocked back around 2k amonth as i couldnt find subbys...either they dont pick up phones or take the p!!! i could secure enough work to expand.

Plan B Couriers


Hi Rob , message me or call so we can discuss details

Badger Courier Services


Always looking for work at a resonable price for a LWB Master, give me a call

point2point uk couriers ltd


Hi rob 

I've got a few large vans feel free to give us a call may be I can help you out. 

Eurotrans Pol-UK Ltd.


Hi there,

I have MWB Sprinter with High roof, if anything available contact me please.

Torbay Logistics


Hi Rob.


I have emailed you with details.






07721 631774

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