Royal Mail plans new generation of courier franchises

Royal Mail announces plans for a new generation of courier franchises in the sameday courier market.

With a sales target of £50m pa, Mike Marjoram of Royal Mail Sameday has his work cut out. He has presided over a three year period of growth. Last year sales were 75% up, to £4m, despite some of the toughest trading conditions the industry has seen since the late 1980s. Sales growth is being achieved mainly by approaching the big spenders on courier work within the Royal Mail group, and from contract tender wins.

A New Courier Franchise Network

Building on this, Mike is now planning to launch a new courier franchise network, under the Royal Mail Sameday brand. The plans are out for consultation within the target market of courier business owners. The proposal is to rebrand existing courier businesses, reduce local control room and accounting overheads, and to reward the business owner with a royalty fee on existing and future sales.

Mike says he is looking for ambitious people, who own couriers businesses which are doing ok, but which could do better if the owner had more time to go out selling.

Focus group sessions have suggested that a significant minority of owners might be interested, though Mike is the first to admit that it will not appeal to everyone. As things stand at the moment, for many owners the choice is to soldier on and hope things get better, or sell up to one of the big players such as CitySprint.

Mike is offering himself as a viable alternative for people in this situation, and is interested in consulting with as many courier business owners as he can. If you’d like to hear more, please contact Mike at Royal Mail Sameday in Peterborough.

  1. Hello there I am an existing courier company
    Been trading over 4 years even in this tough
    Day and age we have managed to grow as a company
    And am interested in more information about your offer
    On same day service we also run over 40-50 drivers on multi dropping and would be interested in any opportunity thanks.

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