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Russell Edwards

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I am new to this and have been looking for sometime to take the plunge. I live in Halifax and although I don't have a van I have a hatchback which would be suitable for the smaller loads. I am available 24 hours from Wednesday to Sunday. Anything you need doing that fits the smaller job category then please pass on.

mtvan.com Ltd


Hi Russell

Welcome, and thanks for posting to say hi.

I strongly recommend making your Profile as business-like as possible, so that's a photo, a reassuring description, some insurance details, and so on.

Start here: Dashboard >> Account >> work along all the tabs..

All the best


Nationwide Courier Express


Hi russell. Welcome

Russell Edwards

Original Poster

Thanks east-lancs.

PW Courier Services


Hi Russell welcome from PW Courier Services in Pollington East Yorks, Good luck what insurances have you n place



Hi welcome from TLC Let me know what insurance you have.

Russell Edwards

Original Poster

Hi Guys. Just looking into GIT insurance. Once sorted will post on here. Any pointers to insurance companies welcome. Got one quote already, but would like to get it down a bit if I can.

dm haulage


Hello Russell we are with Zurich plc at the minute got 25000 for 250 quid But got a call from Aviva yesterday said they can offer the same for 200?! But I think I'm going to lower my cover to 10000. But shop around bud u will get a good deal somewhere




Have you got full courier insurance for your car? Eg hire and reward.

Go Transport (ADR)



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