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PB Express

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Bp 110.87 ppl this week



1p cheeper than I paid at Asda yesterday when vat is added... And yes I have a fuel card also and vat registered

S Garner Courier


So 110.87 that's 133.044 (inc VAT) to give a comparison to what you see on the forecourt signs.

I don't have a fuel card so can only state local pump prices...

On Saturday afternoon I stopped at Newport Pagnell services and saw that derv was 149.9 (inc VAT), so 124.92

My local Tesco was 135.9 (inc VAT), so 113.25

S Garner Courier


This website can be useful if you like to find the cheapest fuel

They do an app too, for both Apple and Android, haven't used the apps so can't tell you if they're any good.



135.9 at the Shell at the Dome roundabout in Watford at the moment. Same price at the Esso on the A41 near Elstree. It's handy to know where all the cheap places are as you move around.



110.28 + Vat 04/05/2013 - 11/05/2013 inclusive ESSO Platts plus price ( +. 05 ppl for Motorway sites)

Legrys Express Ltd


Asda price nationally so what you pay in at your local will be reflected anywhere in the country

PW Courier Services


Sainsbury's in leeds yesterday £1.34

We Are Parcel Delivery


PB Express said:

Bp 110.87 ppl this week

To choose the right and low cost fuel card for your business is the most important matter and factor. It should be lowest price of fuel offered by pumps in circle. You can fine all details regarding comparison click here : .. and also here

PB Express

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I have cheaper options... But i only use BP

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