Citroen Berlingo 1.6 0r 1.9 any good!!!

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Good Morning Everyone....would like any feedback on these vans re-fuel consumption ect..had a look at the specifications,but would like some live feedback.
I have used combos the last few years and i dont think you can beat them on fuel,but i have been offered a nice looking citroen van

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I like Berlingos....good on fuel...and we had one that did 300,000 miles without much fuss

I like that the passenger seat folds down that allows the longer consignment to be carried and if you are being offered the right one, they can carry over 500kg

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Hi, I had a ford mondeo hatch GHIA new shape. I sold it and bought a berlingo enterprise 600HDI 1.6 which obviously is more practical for courier work. Its a great little van, mpg is 50+

nippy, comfortable driving position, load wise, carried 3 large beer kegs once, weighing approx 350KGS no problem. Servicing @12,500 miles, road tax £210. Passenger seat folds flat for that extra bit of length and acts as a little table for your bait etc. Feel comfortable even after long haul. Downside is road noise but hey turn the radio up!  

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All of our small vans are peugeot partners or citroen berlingos.
We have user these since the first came out, Higher load space, good mpg.

We have our 2 as our spare vans 1 1.6 hdi 56 reg 165,000 and still driving perfectly.
The other is a 53 reg 1.9 non turbo 103,000 again still perfect.

We have tried vauxhall combo 1.2 dti, Good and economical when running but when a fault occours the cost loads to sort out first the egr, then turbo started to rattle, then the intercooler started to leak, Quickly followed by the mass air sensor.
Escorts are way outdated and the roof is too low.

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We run all makes here. If the vehicle is serviced properly it should make 300.000 out of all makes. We are just retiring a 56 plate combo with 350.000 miles on it. and have several 10 plate caddys with 100.000 plus mile on, They never miss a beat.  

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The new vauxhall combo/fiat doblo is great - i've got one.
Very quiet, very comfy, 550kg load even with my lardy arse, all the kit, and boarded out.
If that aren't enough ,you can have a 1000kg in short or long wheelbase(2 pallets !)

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thanks guys most of my stuff is docs,so i think the 1.6 would suit the combo,but on the long runs i dont think they are the most comfy van...
and i fancy a change.

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Its not the combo of old, its not corsa front end with a box on the back.
It , along with its fiat sister is purpose built, huge driver space,  and independent coil spring suspension, the first on a heavy duty commercial van.  All that means comfort, by a good seat, a good ride and a happy driver.

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